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I mean other than hot kinky sex

A gay elite has hijacked queer struggle, and positioned their desires as everyone’s needs — the dominant signs of straight conformity have become the ultimate signs of gay success.

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, Sweatshop-Produced Rainbow Flags and Participatory Patriarchy: Why the Gay Rights Movement Is a Sham” 

BAM truth bomb right there and more where that came from if you read the whole article

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Brooklyn Bruja // Sirena Spring

Photographer: Andrea Smalls

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Kai is Miss October, Autostraddle Calendar 2014


Shooting to be hot before 25 and if not then then never and I quit

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Bind me and set me free

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is bullshit advice.

My bigness is not determined by my capacity to quietly absorb bullying, degradation, or abuse.

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